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Marina Kosten

"Ryan is the reason I get out of bed at 5:30 am several days a week. And, I HATE working out. He knows how to motivate you to get going, to strive for best results, and to keep improving on what you already thought were tough goals to begin with. Ryan constantly varies our routines, which both keep it interesting and challenging for me. The range of approaches from weights, to tabata and kickboxing is something I never thought I’d be able to handle, but with Ryan’s help I’m able to progress through all of them (albeit with less grace than others). This is a great value for your money, and I can’t recommend Ryan enough."


"I have been working out with Ryan for 6 years. It has become an essential part of my life. He has taught me so much about technique, lifting, breathing, endurance - training the right way. But just as important, Ryan has taught me the connection between mind and body. About getting out of my own way and pushing through boundaries that have stopped me in the past. Achieving results is always better when mind and body work together. And that is what Ryan does. I look forward to every session."

Sean dwyer

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"I almost didn’t want to write a review because having Ryan as a trainer is a best kept secret. But, others deserve to transform the way they feel about health and themselves as much I have. Working with Ryan weekly is the single best investment I’ve ever made. He is the best in the biz - period."

rachel kroes


paul hanneman

Ryan has been my trainer for the past five years.  I have had several trainers over time, but Ryan is the only one who truly cares about my overall well-being.  From gym workouts to cardio plans, sleep requirements and how and when to eat right, he is knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness.  Ryan doesn't call out reps but corrects, if necessary, your mechanics on every rep because he understands that the overall fitness of his clients depends on full-body integrationRyan is the rare trainer who trains with the end goal of his clients being able to train themselves.  He also happens to be a great guy.  Try him out and you will feel the same..

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"I've been working with Ryan for over five years and he's the best. He doesn't just teach you how to train in the gym, he teaches a way of life where you are always pushing yourself to be the best you can be. You will learn how to recruit muscles you didn't even know you had. Unlike most trainers, he's never on his phone during your workout- he pays attention to everything you're doing. Do what he says and you'll transform your body!"

megan johnson

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"Ryan makes working out fun, challenging and it’s never boring. It becomes an essential part of your day and life. I feel like something is missing on the days I don’t workout with Ryan."

george anderson

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adam guild

"Obsessed with your success, Ryan is the best possible asset to have with you in achieving your goals. As a trainer, he strikes the perfect balance between effective and fun. Your time with him in the gym is sure to be the highlight of your day. Ryan has spent years mastering personal training and is constantly honing his fitness mastery to best educate and empower you. Beyond being the best trainer in the world, though, Ryan is also the most valuable friend to have in your life. He holds you accountable to your goals and often introduces fresh perspectives for you to consider throughout your life. The personal growth he has empowered me to achieve in our sessions and in our friendship is too valuable to even describe."

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"He is the BEST!!! I haven’t worked with any trainer that can offer the knowledge and expertise that he has. I’m used to gym trainers, and most don’t put the work into knowing how to make adjustments to help with correcting the body and being able to see where your weaknesses are. He’s like a physical therapist and trainer rolled into one with a ton! of knowledge of the body and diet. If you need that push, and want serious results he’s your guy and worth every penny."

Oneyda Penate

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